I am going to listen to you Michael

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December 8, 2014 by johnnyseifertradio

On Saturday evening  a debate on BBC Five Live was broadcast with Stephen Nolan chairing. The debate in question focused on a speech made by a senior police officer who had stated that people who view child sexual abuse on the internet should get medical help rather than be given a prison sentence.

During this debate a caller given the name Michael called in to the show  Michael had previously been sexually abused as a child and called in like any other listener to give his opinion to the debate. However, forgetting how powerful the medium of radio is Michael ended up revealing a lot more about his sexual fantasies of children. Michael revealed he has fantasies about children but has never actually acted upon it however he did speak about opportunities that could have changed his power.

As an average listener this is fascinating, in some ways he has not done anything wrong, he is innocent but he does have a problem that needs looking in to. Furthermore, I actually felt sorry for him at times, he has had a private life with not many friends. In addition, Michael could not be a proper father to his two children as he does not want to compromise his feelings with his parental role so he would not bathe his children for example.

As a radio listener what really stood out is Stephen’s excellent broadcasting skills. We have all heard (and if not you have to listen) his interview with Stephanie Hirst. But, what Stephen really does well is simply listen. Listening is such a simple thing but radio presenters can put their ego before the listeners. I have demonstrated below how this was achieved.

  • Letting the caller speak with dead air whilst the caller gathers their thoughts.
  • Asking questions in reaction to what the caller has said
  • The caller respecting the presenter, trusting them to speak openly (to also 5 million people)
  • Trying to get into the listeners mind
  • Bringing out rich audio which can be spoken about as we are doing now
  • Exploring a taboo subject asking the questions which will challenge the caller and catch them off guard.

Here is the link to the audio to listen to:http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/5live/5lnews/5lnews_20141207-1604a.mp3

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