2014: My year In The Radio Industry


December 21, 2014 by johnnyseifertradio

I wanted to share with you my year in radio through a series of images as seen below in my collage that showcases the experiences and learning curves that I have been on in 2014. Firstly, I want to thank YOU! Yes YOU for reading my blogs that I have done each week. I know that unlike yourselves I have not come with over thirty years of experience and have never been a paid employee at a radio station. However, what I do come with is with creativity and I am part of the next generation of radio broadcasters and professionals and want to thank you for respecting my opinions that I have had and using your experiences as helping me learn about the industry that I love. A special thank you goes to John Myers, James Cridland, David Lloyd, John Collins, Sam Coley, Neil Hollins and Tom Campbell for your inspirational blogs this year and for each helping me learn some key factors that I can build on to make my mark in the radio industry in the future through meetings, emails or reading online.


Scratch Radio– Top Left shows a still from a two week project I did in January where I was hosting the Breakfast show with a female co-host and producing the mid-morning show straight after with three boys. I faced a lot of challenges here including working on two back-back shows, co-driving a desk and co-anchoring a show, producing three boys with half a studio not working, disagreements with other staff members. However, it was a great experience and at the time being resentful I can look back now and showcase the lessons that I have learnt.

#RethinkMedia2014– I was lucky enough to get to the conference in Birmingham this year as well as have a picture taken with Ben Cooper and Joe Hartland with out them realising and finding it awkward. This conference was the first time I really got to show myself as a player in the radio industry and be respected for who I am. I had a great day learning from people such as Jonathan Pearlman at Buzzfeed to relate his ideas of online news to what I could do on the radio. Furthermore, it was a great day of networking and meeting like minded people to discuss the future of the radio industry. I remember sitting around a table during the afternoon in a cafe style setting comparing radio greats with Ed James, Heart Birmingham and thinking wow! he is asking me about who I like and Ed is someone I have learnt a lot from through the Student Radio Association.

Poland- The latter of 2013 and the first half of 2014 I worked on a documentary called ‘The Holocaust and Me’. I produced a fifty minute documentary looking at the Holocaust seventy years and hearing testimonials from survivors so that I could pass on their messages. This led me to go to Poland and seeing concentration camps such as Auschwitz myself. The picture shows a man named Dov Landau who was in Auschwitz and came on the journey with me to talk me through where we were standing. For example, I saw his barrack and bunk in Auschwitz, I accompanied him to the mass grave where his mother and brother were buried in. The trip was worthwhile for the documentary but it also made me revalue my Jewish religion and what it means to me. After everything that happened Dov was so positive about his outlook on life and managed to out dance me dancing to Jewish anthems. I am so proud to be Jewish and to have gained those extra lessons unexpectedly.

Degree- After three years I graduated from Birmingham City with a First Class Honours in Media and Communications (Radio). The course was brilliant with modules in radio documentaries, Radio copy writing for advertisements, live radio and creating a radio station as well as learning about the history of the radio industry.

The Student Radio Awards- The Student Radio Awards took place on November 8th 2014. I was nominated but did not win ‘Best Journalistic Programming’. However, being nominated meant that I was invited to tour Global Radio and BBC Radio 1 which both I get butterflies when I visit. It was an amazing day mingling with various other student radio presenters and alumni and meeting Global and BBC Radio employees during the night in a laid back atmosphere.

Who’s Doing The Dishes? No it is not time to wash up my hot chocolate mug but a programme I appeared on through five episodes on ITV in September 2014. I had a great couple of weeks filming for it and learning about how shows such as Come Dine With Me are put together. I have done a lot of TV pilots this year including game shows and facing my phobias and this had helped my knowledge  of comparing the TV industry to the radio industry which as we all know is a lot slower.

My blog– I have been blogging for four months now since September 2014 and what a journey it has been. As a lot of you are aware when you start a blog you have an idea of what to talk about but coming up with weekly blogs can be hard. I started by looking at lessons in school and relating it to radio and slowly have gained the confidence to engage in arguments and discussions around issues such as advising on knowing your radio voice picked up by the SRA newsletter and the future of the Radio Academy. Again being the future of the radio industry it is sometimes hard to see that student radio alumni are being thought about in discussions as it effects my employment likability in the future.

Podium.Me– Podium.Me is an award winning production company serving under 25 year olds. I have been with Podium for two months who have given me a platform to showcase issues that matter to me including recovery from addictions, bowel cancer and male grooming. I think a company like this needs more recognition as the work they do is brilliant and it is helping to inspire the next generation of radio. Furthermore, they held a brilliant training day with speakers from BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, BBC Five Live and Sky News Radio to really give an insight into speech radio.

Audioboom– I was delighted to announce earlier this week that I will be joining the team at Audioboom from January 2015 as their Digital Broadcast Assistant working on the entertainment news. It is the first paid job that I have in radio and want to thank the team for believing in me after six months of rejections from radio jobs that I have applied for due to lack of experience even with all the internships I have carried out.

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