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January 4, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

This week’s programming is back to normal for radio stations as stated countless times over the past two weeks on air and therefore I thought I would come up with a list of radio shows for you to listen to and learn from with a radio schedule that you could follow. I think it is important to listen to a lot of radio! I remember I had a meeting once with someone at Bauer Media and I said how I love Bauer and listen to shows on Key 103/Kiss/Magic/Heat and Absolute and they were shocked and thought I was making up that I listen to that much radio…I seriously do listen. There is a lot of radio out there and you cannot listen to EVERYTHING so here are my suggestions to give you a variety of people to learn from:

Breakfast (06:00-10:00)

Sam and Amy- Gem 106, Orion Media

Sam and Amy won Gold for Best Entertainment programme at last year’s Radio Academy Awards. They are story tellers and have got a lot of experiences to share be it within their families, their lifestyles or through their friends. Furthermore, they really know how to build up a rapport with their loyal audience by taking an interest in why the caller is telling an anecdote that some might not find interesting. Finally, as an AC station there is a great music playlist with current and 90’s/00’s songs being played with a Guess the Year from 09:00-10:00 to get involved and get geeky with.

Christian O’Connell, Absolute Radio, Bauer Media

2014 brought Absolute Radio ‘Project Banana’; seven Absolute decade branded stations with different music playlists but the same presenter anchoring the Breakfast show with the speech elements to the show. The reason to listen to this show is to hear how Christian segway’s into the music and appeals to such a varied audience who enjoy listening to music from the 1970’s to an audience that only listen to the main station for their current indie playlist.

Mid-Morning (10:00-13:00)

Neev Spencer-Kiss Fm, Bauer Media

Through 2014 Neev worked hard to promote the Kiss brand and now in 2015 she is taking over their flagship mid-morning show that features their ‘Kisstory’ hour. Neev has the challenge of using the two hours of her show between 09:00-11:00 to engage with listeners, to play the playlisted music that is used as background music at work whilst steering the audience to the Kisstory hour. Them 11:00-12:00 is where Kiss Fm’s social media blows up and there is a solid hour of interactions for Kiss to take advantage of. When listening, listen to how Neev engages with social media, how Neev reflects the audience’s upbeat and happiness at hearing those ‘old skool and anthems’ that they had not heard in a while.

 James O’Brian- LBC, Global Radio

2014 saw LBC leave just speaking about London’s biggest conversations and instead went to lead those conversations nationally and since April 2014, James Rea has really given LBC a refreshed feel and LBC is going from strength to strength being the leader in politics on the radio. James is a master of radio and is a highly skilled investigative journalist to listen to. James has patience and puts that way before any sort of ego of which a lot of presenters tend to forget to do. James is not looking for that clip to use in an award nomination, he is listening to callers, engaging and chairing debates and taking an interest in every callers opinion, whether right or wrong.

Lunch (13:00-16:00)

Ryan Seacrest, Heat Radio, Bauer Media

Ryan hosts a show from America looking at the days entertainment news. Ryan has the benefit of having ‘access to the stars’ and therefore having a reporter there like Rick Ross on ITV’s Lorraine gives the producers the relaxation they need that they can get microphones to the Hollywood stars. However, as far as I can tell when listening the show is driven from England and therefore I am not sure how equip Ryan actually is. I have never heard him intro or back announce a song so it is interesting to listen to the show to hear how he is broadcasting effectively a long running outside broadcast.

Sadie Nine, BBC Essex, BBC Local Radio

Sadie has that sparkle glistening in her eye as she speaks to her Essex audience each day with that relaxing lunchtime voice that you need to carry you through the day. She shows passion for the limited music that she plays, she has a selection of news topics that are not to heavy and can form debates that are easy to listen to and basically Sadie is like that aunt that you always wish you had who would bring you sweets whenever they visited no matter how much your mother was against your teeth rotting.

Drive-Time (16:00-19:00)

Greg James, BBC Radio1, BBC Radio

Greg James I have previously spoken about in depth about his meze of a show. Greg’s show breathes listener interaction through: listener rants, listeners speaking to celebrities, listeners requesting songs, listeners playing songs and listeners announcing that they are going home. Greg is a great presenter and a true radio geek putting on voices, promoting new artists that he believes his audience will like and having a great rapport with the team around him.

Tom Campbell, Heart Fm North-East, Global Radio

Tom started in 2014 at UTV’s Signal One before moving to Global hosting Heart Gloucestershire in April and now has made the move to become an honorary Geordie. Tom is a great presenter who lives and breathes radio.  Tom spends a lot of time in weaving his radio show together out of hours and it’s that passion that he has that really makes his show stand out. It is very easy for a presenter on the Heart network to play the songs and use their four quarters in their hour clock to fill it with nonsense but Tom cares about each and every individual listener and makes it an entertaining show.

Evenings (19:00-22:00)

Adam Willbourn, Free Radio, Orion Media

Adam is one of my favourite presenters. When he is speaking you can hear him smiling. Adam does a lot of research for his show and it is demonstrated through anecdotes used when introducing songs and speaking to the celebrities he interviews. The interviews he does though stand out for me as he really goes beyond the Q and A style and will venture into doing skits with the celebrity and making the audio sound different to all the other promos that the celebrity would have done around the radio dial.

Zane Lowe, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio

Zane has been at Radio 1 for over 14 years and in that time has made sure that the BBC Radio 1 desks are up to his needs. Yes, it was him that came up with the idea of the movable desk which now features in most refurbished radio stations across the country. Zane has had to keep refreshing his show and image to deal with the changing audience and has got such a passion for the music that he plays that shines through so well. Furthermore, 2014 was a big year for Radio1 with the introduction of their YouTube channel of which Zane used to interview Chris Martin and Jay Z which both made stand out interviews of the year for me getting behind the artists backgrounds and understanding the way they tick and have ‘conscious and unconscious coupling’.

Night-time (22:00-01:00)

Margherita Taylor, Classic FM, Global Radio

Margherita entices me to Classic through the way she speaks about the music she is playing. The skill here that I once learnt from Dan O’Connell at XFM is to match the tone and speed of your voice to the music that you are playing to keep the same pace. Margherita has a gentle voice which she uses to match the soft classical music that she is playing. Furthermore, she lets the music do the speaking rather than speaking about herself or too much information about the music, she lets the music be at the front of her show.

Jenny Francis, Heart FM, Global Radio

Jenny is very active on social media during her show and it is something presenters can forget to do. By a listener being tweeted back by their favourite presenter guarantees a RT, a follow, a RAJAR hit and more importantly a gateway into the listeners friends, that potential audience listener that you are also targeting. So much of radio is word of mouth and this is the perfect way to access those listeners. We know that in commercial radio there is a lot of music and adverts, so Jenny really shows that she is using her time wisely.

But, what do you think? Is there a show that I have missed? Am I wrong in my suggestions, comments below…

3 thoughts on “A 2015 Radio Schedule to follow

  1. Paul Easton says:

    Re. Ryan Seacrest.

    It’s his syndicated show which is, effectively, a series of pre-recorded voice links which are just dropped in between the songs. It’s not live and not produced specifically for Heat. As the show’s website says, stations can schedule their own music.



    • johnnyseifertradio says:

      Thank you for that Paul. That is fascinating! So would Bauer Media just pay to use the service and be sent the links to drop in? That seems a lot of work for a daily show though


      • pauleaston says:

        Basically, yes. Bauer subscribe to take the show and will therefore have access to the audio files – it’s the same for all the many other stations in the US, Canada and around the world who take it.

        Downloading and importing the links into the playout system shouldn’t take too long to do – even on a daily basis. In some ways it’s similar to voice-tracking.


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