The Holocaust and Me

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January 26, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

To mark seventy years since the liberation out of Auschwitz in January 2015  I produced and presented a documentary called ‘The Holocaust and Me’. The premise of the documentary was to take five students to Poland to get their first hand experiences walking around concentration camps such as Aushwitz and Majdanek. Further to this I interviewed eight Holocaust survivors including Zigi Shipper, Freddie Knoller and Gena Turgel to hear their testimonials and to understand what they went through in this horrific time.

Holocaust and me

Award Nominations:

Nominated-Best Journalistic Programming at the Student Radio Awards 2014

Finalist-Kevin Greening Creativity Award at the Student Radio Awards 2014

Nominated-Culture at the Midland Media Awards 2015

Award Feedback

  • This was a really engaging listen. It was excellently produced and researched. The contributors were great, with fantastic stories told well. The music used had been well thought out and so too had the sound production which helped with the storytelling. The presentation was very natural and not forced or ‘newsy’ which gave it a very personal touch.
  • Stunningly powerful mix of personal first-hand accounts and young Jews learning their history – I could easily hear this on network radio. Excellent production quality and use of sound and words to bring home the horror of Auschwitz.
  • This is an excellent, brilliantly put together documentary. The presenter and contributors are engaging… giving new information on what is a harrowing subject, The use of atmosphere, the choice of quotes and the structure of the documentary is first rate. Excellent.

Six minute clip

Full 30 minute documentary

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