Free Radio Birmingham: Foxy and Giuliano

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January 29, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

For those that are not aware, Foxy and Guiliano are the Breakfast presenters on Free Radio Birmingham 96.4 Fm. After Chris Moyles left BBC Radio 1 I spent a year trying to find a replacement and then one day came across these boys. I was instantly hooked in. There are different ways to approach a radio show and especially a local one. For example, BBC Three Counties Radio looks to reflect their listeners as demonstrated below with Iain Lee and Justin Deeley looking at homophobia in Luton. This is a brilliant use of journalistic radio but how do you include a local audience in an entertaining way?





Whilst to me Birmingham is made up of Selly Oak, Edgbaston and Perry Barbados there are many towns in Birmingham and the Breakfast show has found a way to incorporate everyone by the use of jingles. Whether you are in Smethwick, Erdington (I saw the fireworks there once) or Bournville, home of chocolate; you can call into the show and sing your own jingle for your area. I am not sure what the long plan is for this feature but I loved when Chris Moyles had his jingles which I do occasionally still sing along to (I have an ipod playlist). The best thing is that in a pub quiz, I could probably now name twenty towns in Birmingham by singing their jingles.




Foxy and Guiliano sing along with their audience. Every Friday they play Frank Sinattra ‘When You’re Smiling’ sped up a bit with the use of Mark from Channel 4’s ‘The Hotel’.I love the fact that they keep the faders open so that they can interact with us which we are singing along putting us all in a good mood for the weekend.



Involvement In The Community


Whether it is setting up a band (Old Kids On The Block for four pensioners), sharing a McDonalds with a listener or helping a listener the are always more than happy to go above and beyond their radio show and not to pick up audio. For example, on todays’ show a listener moved to Australia twelve years ago and was not able to visit her mother in hospital which the boys decided they would do for her. I have chosen a clip below from last Christmas where the boys did an OB from a fishmongers in the Birmingham Bullring market.



The Zoo Format

I love a zoo format on the radio as we listen to four friends speaking on air and wanting to join them. Joined by travel presenter Chiara and producer Barry they really are happy to tell their highlights and low lights to their life. I think this is really important as they are seen as a friend and you put your trust into them. Whilst the team may complain about their family, or lack of Mcdonalds; Listeners have called in to talk about the passing of their loved ones. Where else would you get this connection? You certainly would not see this on Good Morning Britain or happiness on Jeremy Kyle!


The show really is my favourite Breakfast show and even though I live in London I am a proud listener!

Foxy and Giuliano, 06:00-09:00 Free Radio (Birmingham)

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