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February 8, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

Earlier this week I was reporting on the Ibiza Weekender (ITV2) and Ex On The Beach (MTV). One was scripted, one was bullet-pointed but which was which?




The Script


The problem is that with out a script I had no beginning, middle and end on one of them just bullet points. This led to problems of hesitations, easily fixed in an edit but with the end of words elongated and repentance of themes or simply too many ideas in one link. As Tom Campbell, Heart-Drive-time says:


You Are An Actor


David Marsland, AudioBoom gave me some great advice! Become an actor, animate an extension of yourself; bring the words alive in the script by bolding important words. When you are presenting it is you and the microphone and maybe the odd other person in the room. You are allowed to have a script, no one can see you, it does not make you any less competent as a presenter. Johnny Walker, one of the most famous radio presenters who hosts the Sounds of the 70’s on BBC Radio 2 loves having twenty pages of research to highlight what he wants to speak about. The point of this is so that in your head you are first a producer then a presenter and see the overview of the show rather than focus on your ego and trying to nail that audio you want to submit to the next radio awards. For example, when I make the Shabbat Friday night dinner, I have prepared the dishes all by 18:00 ready to keep warm for the guests at 19:30. Could you imagine if the guests had come and I had to now make chicken soup, a roast dinner and two desserts? In contrast, Chris Evans on Breakfast on Radio 2 likes to work with hour clocks so he can see the links purpose clearly.



Song-Set up Link- call and response/joke-Song- Pay off- caller/messages read out/continue joke


John Myers- Train The Brain




It is important to get your tongue and brain used to the words you are about to say. This shows how important it is to practice and when doing live shows the practice comes in the form of scripts.


Listen To Other Radio Presenters


I listen to a lot of radio! Interesting enough, when I have had interviews for radio stations they do not believe I actually listen to as much as I do. In a normal day I would listen to Heat Radio (London), Free Radio (Birmingham), Key 103 (Manchester), Radio 1 (BBC National), LBC (Commercial National) and more. The purpose of this is so that I can learn from radio presenters who I can learn from. For example, Tony Blackburn, a radio legend on BBC London will be angling his show different to Iain Lee on BBC Three Counties Radio. It is not that one is better then the other, it is the fact that every presenter is different due to their background in both their personal and work lives and with influences from those around them at different radio stations that they have worked for.

The Pips See That Preparation Is Key To Entertainment

Plan and prepare what you are going to say, and more importantly, learn when to be quiet. Rambling on about nothing in particular is one of the biggest mistake presenters make. Although you may think its fun for you, it can be boring for the listener and very quickly they can turn you off for somebody else who is more precise and entertaining in what they say.

Paul Denton Talks About Painting Pictures On Air

Paint pictures – make use of imagery on air – use links in a way that paints a picture in the mind of the listener. Use produced sound – edit live. One thought one link – most listeners will only take in so much information at one go, if you hit them with three different items by the time they have heard the third they will probably have forgotten what you said at the beginning. I was listening to ‘Love In Recovery’ on BBC Radio  4, a radio comedy-drama set in Alcoholic Anonymous recovery sessions.

image1 (1)

It was important for me as a listener to be able to paint a picture as to what the characters look like. Furthermore, it was more important that I could see them engaging with each other around a circle in a church hall as I understood it.


Peter Played Eight Parsnsip Pianos, Rang Seven Neighbours, Entertained Peter Rabbit

Or in radio terms

Prepare, Practice, Edit, Practice, Prepare, Record, Snoop, Edit, Prepare, Practice


What is your advice on links that you would pass on?

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