Radio Stations Need To Snap Shot into Snap Chat

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March 16, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

Radio stations have seen the power that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has. But, they are missing a trick with Snapchat:




For those unfamiliar with Snapchat, Snapchat is a social media app that allows users to create photos and videos with out the use of filters and publish them for up to ten seconds before disappearing for ever reducing the use of spamming. In addition, you can make content available for twenty four hours so that it has more longevity. The process is taking the photo or video and then selecting the contacts you want it to be sent to or if you want it published on your story to all your contacts. Furthermore, one can add text or an emoji to emphasise the empotions that are being conveyed.


Currently the RDE Radio Conference 2015 is being held in Milan for over 1300 radio professionals with talks from both our radio professionals such as BBC Radio1’s Ben Cooper and Absolute Radio’s Geoff lloyd along with The Media Stuff Podcaster Larry Glifford from the USA and Australian radio presenter Mel Greig who was involved in the Wills and Kate’s prank on 2DayFm. At the conference they looked into how Snapchat is used in Denmark with 49% of 12-19 year olds using the app daily:



Denmark have used Snapchat for three areas; radio shows, events and for news:



Whilst BBC Radio 2 used their pop up four day radio station for the Country Music Festival as well as for Eurovision on the UK Radio Player app, why does BBC Radio 1, Kiss Fm and Capital Fm not use Snapchat for their Big Weekend, KissFm Live and Summertime Ball?


Thinking about their audience they could engage in the atmosphere taking short ten second videos looking at different crowd members, pictures of the artists at the side of stage and even short news stories of running orders. As Snapchat is accessed via phones and tablets, all it needs is a couple of producers to be uploading content alongside their uploads to Instagram and Twitter. In addition, it is very user friendly taking a matter of seconds to do as their is no need to tag keywords, choose filters or do any sort of photo shop.


In addition, in the latest update ‘Discover’ has been added which media businesses such as the Daily Mail and the Food Network have tapped into showcasing five photos at a time with the option to then be expanded into reading a short summary of the news story. I have heard more businesses are looking into tapping into this but not radio stations thus far.




SO which radio station is going to sign up first?

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