It Was Time To Lead Britains Conversation

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March 28, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

This week I was given the opportunity through my work at Podium.Me to appear on Shelagh Fogharty’s lunchtime show on LBC. Podium.Me is an online audio podcast company with 250 young journalists all around the United Kingdom set up by Camilla Bryk to allow under 25s to have a voice in the media. Personally, I have no knowledge of politics as I was never given the opportunity to learn. Therefore, when I recieved a call from Camilla asking if I could go on LBC alongside fellow journalist Frankie Wells I jumped at the chance of actually learning about the country and the constituency that I live in.



In one of the LBC recording studios we sat with Shelagh and watched The Prime Minister’s Questions GoggleBox style discussing what we saw. For example, Shelagh pointed to a women and asked if I knew who she was, I made the joke of Judi Dench which led to the headline on the LBC website and social media feeds for the day.



Below you can listen to the highlights of my time with Shelagh:



Unique Angle


This feature had a unique angle in the fact that since last April, LBC has been known for their politics outreach with features on Nick Ferrari’s Breakfast Show including ‘Call Clegg’ ‘Call Cameron’ and ‘Call Boris’. Therefore, with the build up to the General Elections, the LBC listeners are wanting to hear the latest coverage. The angle for this feature was to hear how young voters would vote and the process that they would be going through in their mind. I have never cared about politics and I never really thought about who I would vote for, I would do as my dad told me to do. Furthermore, it was interesting to have a young inexperienced voters perspective as it gave light and shade to the election build up of not just speaking to middle class office workers but also to students and graduates who are learning about the world around them in a GoggleBox style.



Using the concept of Channel 4 show GoggleBox was a brilliant editorial decision. GoggleBox is massive in popular culture at the moment with 5 million viewers every Friday watching other people watch TV. Cast members including George and Steph and Dom have gone on to appear on other shows showing the power the show has had. Using this show made politics seem fun as it related to people such as myself bringing in potential young voters into the LBC debates. As Frankie said, the Prime Miniser’s Questions were like a pantomime and I was ready to shout ‘He’s Behind You’!

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