And The Winner Is…..Not You

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April 17, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

With the help of the Radio Academy Trust there are various awards that can be entered and won in the radio industry across the year:




For example, for hospital radio stations there are the HBA’s; for student radio stations there is the SRA’s, for commercial radio there is the Aquiva’s, for BBC Local radio stations there are the Guillard Awards and for all radio stations there are the Radio Academy Awards (Formerly known as the Sony’s).


The Entry:


You are not sure whether to enter the awards as you think you have no chance of winning. However, someone has told you to enter as it could be your lucky night and with that confidence off you go collecting and reproducing the audio from the past year. Once the audio is in a brand spanking new folder on your documents, it is time to make it into a three to seven minute package that tells the story of hours of work that you have put in! The package is finished and it is time to start networking again with past colleagues and producers you shaddowed on internships talking to everyone in your radio contact book. Once they have all given their seal of approval you upload the audio and fill out the necessary information. The entry has been sent and the next day you recieve an email from another radio indsutry professional saying that something should be changed. PANIC!!!




The Nominees are:



The nominations are out and you are too scared to read them yet you have that person in the back of your head telling you that you should have look. To your suprise and enjoyment you have been nominated. The Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts are uploaded and you feel already a winner:


Results Day

You wake up that extra ten minutes early to make sure you look perfect suited and booted and upload a selfie:



And then you arrive at the ceremony where people ask if you have prepared your speech and are you nervous? In your head, you already think you have won it. You have looked at the titles of the other entries and to yourself, yours is the only one that sounds good- wrong!


Your category is up next and the sweat starts appearing on your forehead. The runners up are announced and a sigh of relief hits that you are not one of them and the smile starts to appear on your face, then the winner is announced…and the winner is …… NOT YOU!!! WHAT?????? The face drops to the floor, the cheers can be heard from the next table, the tears start to form in your eyes, people come over and offer their condolences and say how good yours is and all you want to do is have the trap door under your chair released and escape… The awards continue and you try and keep that brave face on with a whimpering clap for the remaining winners then say your goodbyes and escape as soon as the host says we are having a winners photo and then the party can start…that is also code for, loosers you can not celebrate go home, get that bottle of vodka and down it:

Politics Drunk Muppet Awards


Uncle Johnny’s Words Of Wisdom

* The nomination is credible and can be used on the CV/Linked In Profile/Cover Letter’s

* It maybe a brilliant piece of audio but was not student/location focussed as other entries but
has been recognised as you have talent

*Think of big radio presenters, actors and singers who have never won but had nominations

*You do not need the instant gratification, you know you are good now keep doing it and enter more awards for even more feedback so that you can win next time.

*You are a winner in my eyes

*Everything Happens For A Reason


For his documentary on The Holocaust and Me, Johnny has been nominated for:

*The Student Radio Award 2014 for Best Journalistic Programming
*The Student Radio Award 2014 for The Kevin Greening Creativity Award
*The Student Midlands Media Award 2015 for Culture

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