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April 30, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

Last week I blogged my thoughts on #R1BW and how annoyed I was at the line up. A week on and Global radio station Capital FM have announced the line up to their annual STB (Summer Time Ball) taking place on June 6th at Wembley Stadium.



The first thing to obviously notice is that Capital is a commercial station and therefore they can charge a fee for their tickets unlike Radio 1. Looking at Ticketmaster the tickets are being sold for £80.34. That is a lot of money for teenagers aged 12-19 to spend fitting in Capital’s target audience. As we know with the previous Summertime and Jingle Bell Balls, the artist will come on stage and do two-three songs compared to Radio 1 giving an hour set to each artist. Furthermore, if you are not at Wembeley you can not stream the whole event online nor will you be given streaming on the radio. Instead, as a listener you will hear highlights through out the day and excessive vox’s and OB’s of the presenters saying how brilliant the artist and the day is. The best thing if you like Capital’s artists is to actually go to the event. After all, they are the ‘number one hit music service’ so one would hope the line up was worth that price.



The Line Up

The line up is one of the best line up’s in a while. What needs to be remembered in 2015 is how quick fashions and trends change with ever growing technology. For example, last week the Apple IWatch was released for £450 and those with money jumped at the chance to have the latest Apple product and show off that they could act like James Bond. But in reality, a year down the line will anyone actually care about them anymore? The same thing happened with SKY 3D this week, after five years they realised that after the first year no one cares about watching shows in 3D and therefore they have closed down the channel. So, back to the #STB, the line up needs to be topical and have artists that have a repetoire of music that can be played and still enjoyed as well as are still topical day and are still being talking about.





Three massive worldwide artists, Kelly Clarkson, Carly Rae Jepson and NEYO will join british artists such as Rita Ora and One Direction at the festival. I think that this is a brilliant move as there is something for everyone that loves pop music. One could argue that with Radio1 that having artists such as the Foo Fighters and Muse alongside Ellie Goulding and Jess Glynne does the same thing but you have to remember Radio 1 has various stages which they can put their acts on-Capital does not.




The Winner

As can be seen, Capital FM’s line up S***’s all over Radio 1’s. The only problem is we now have a month of hearing: CONFIRMED ARTIST ON CAPITAL before EVERY song is played in their restricted playlist. I would like to think however this is a step forward for Capital as they carry on revolving. The re branding of Choice Fm to Capital Xtra two years ago has paid off and developing their repertoire of presenters including Marvin Humes and Jaguar Skills has really helped the station.

I want to know, what do YOU think of the line up this year? Is Capital’s better than Radio 1’s?

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