Katie Hopkins on LBC

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May 25, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

LBC has had a brilliant year with its powerful political coverage, the women’s election debate, Nick Ferrari’s election bus, the touring mobile studio and with a national license it has been developing their repertoire of presenters. Over the two past bank holidays; out-spoken, ex-apprentice and CBB housemate Katie Hopkins has presented shows on LBC:



When I first heard she was presenting a show I was a bit sceptical as I am sure a lot of people were. Rumours have been circulating that she was due to get a chatshow to air on TLC but celebrities turned down interviews with her in fear of being roasted. This led me to think will Katie work on the radio? Will radio listeners relate to her views? Will listeners want to call in and speak to her?



I found myself really enjoying her two Bank Holiday shows. She engages with listeners really well, she listens to what they say, she is fair with her comments and she can spark a debate. That being said, we know about the loyalty of radio listeners and I think that listeners have accepted her. Therefore, the cruel persona that she puts on when writing her column for the Sun newspaper has been lifted as she does not need to prove her worth and sell further papers. It has also helped that she has a personal interest in stories that she has covered. For example, on this morning’s show she looked at black cabs Vs Uber cabs and with the help of BA’s provided a fair debate with black cab drivers confiding in her about stories of what has happened in the back of their cabs. For example, one caller spoke of saving a drunken girl from being raped as she trusted him as he was in a recognisable safe black cab.



Recently I finished Chris Evans brilliant double autobiographies. When he started at BBC Radio 2 under Lesley Douglas he started with bank holiday cover work and continued into covering on weekend shows before being given the afternoon slot which ultimately led him to the Breakfast show where he now entertains 16 million listeners daily. Whilst, Katie has a long way to go, I see no reason why she will not be a permanent part of the weekend line up this time next year with a couple more cover shifts to really understand the broadcasts of radio and driving the amazing new spaceship desk from Global HQ in Leicester Square.


What did you think of her shows thus far?

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