Radio Context Vs Radio Genre

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June 30, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

In was announced last week that CBBC presenter Cel Spellman is to host the now vacant 16:00-19:00 slot every Sunday on BBC Radio1 which leads to an interesting debate about the former linear form of radio:



When I originally heard that this slot would be available to due to the move of the Official Chart Show to a Friday I had some ideas of what could be done. When I think of Radio 1, the connotations that I convey are pop music, a place for radio anoraks and jingle lovers to a popular culture audience. However, what needs to be considered is the context of Cel joining. Ben Cooper, head of Radio 1 said that recently:


The bad news is that Radio 1 lost 700,000 listeners. The good news is that over half a million of them were over the age of 30. And if you look at the drop in audience to our Breakfast Show, 90% of them were over 30 years old. And lest we forget, we are still reaching 10.5million listeners over the age of 10 years old, but this must not distract from the bigger more important issue – of attracting the next generation of radio audiences.


TV Personality Led Radio Presenters


Just think for a second, how many TV reality shows have you watched due to a connection you have had with one of the stars? For example, I remember watching Celebrity Sissorhands on BBC3 because BBC Radio 1 editor Aled Hayden-Jones appeared on it.The context being that there is a big potential audience on CBBC who need to discover Radio 1 and be eased in. So what better way to do it then have their ambassador who they are already very much aware of. Ben Cooper has already said he looks to his social media channels for Radio 1 to judge their audienc. Radio 1’s Instagram currently has 272,000 followers whilst its Twitter has 2.25 Million followers and Youtube has 2.4 Million subscribers.


These figures are the biggest for any radio station in the country. Cel is nineteen years old. He is involved in the same lifestyles as the adverage casual Radio 1 listeners. He has that video experience appearing on CBBC so he knows how to help further expand Radio 1’s social media channels. In addition, he has covered for Dan and Phil on their old 19:00-21:00 show so he has experience with the set up of presenting a radio show as well.




Jacobs Media had an interview last week with radio innovative’s Paul Lamere who is studyuing Spotify on a macro level. Paul saw that there was an occurance with playlists being more context then genre related:



With context being more important than the genre or the station, why are we so afraid of TV personalities making the jump to the radio? Why do we get so annoyed that they can not self-op a desk? Why do we get annoyed that they can not always hit the junctions properly? Why do we get annoyed when they do not use a stab or a jingle to emphasise their show?




We have this cruel trait inside of us that is very jealous of those who have nose dived straight into the big radio stations due to fame rather then radio training. Most of us have worked in various radio stations and carried out studies in to radio to showcase our purpose and why we HAVE to have a job on the radio yet these celebrities walk off the street and get given a show. These celebrities are liked Piped Pipers, they come to the station with their loyal followers. There is a reason Mark Wright was given a show on Heart FM two years ago after leaving TOWIE and having a 1million follower fan base on Twitter. There was a reason why GMTV’s Andrew Castle and Kate Garraway have shows on Smooth FM in the same slots as they used to be on TV. Finally, there is a reason why singers such as Marvin Humes, Jason Donovan, Emma Bunton and Craig David have shows on Global Radio. The reason is they have a big following from their music days and therefore can bring new audiences to their respective radio stations and increase the stations RAJAR figures. The casual listeners do not care who is presenting! They care about how many ads there are, how many songs are repeated on restrictive playlists and when they can next hear their favourite song. It is only us radio anoraks who are jealous of these people getting our jobs that care.




I wanted to make a further point of context over genre looking at BBC Local Radio. BBC Local Radio has had a lot of flack in recent times and listernship is falling and content is becoming stale and too newsy rather than entertaining to the Daves’ and Sues’ in the audience. However, moving aside the idea that bbc local radio is to inform,educate or entertain the local community; Iain Lee on BBC Three Counties Radio (BBC3CR) entertains a nation. Entertainment site Digital Spy has various threads on their radio forum talking about Breakfast shows as listeners are still seeking the perfect radio show since Chris Moyles left in 2012 and Iain’s name keeps coming up. His show is entertaining especially from 06:00-07:00 where it is him, his producer and his thoughts. Turning your ears off for the travel and local news it is a very entertaining hour and he makes me laugh. The context here is the presenter coming first rather then the station’s output. Similarly, as I have mentioned before Foxy and Guiliano on Free Radio Birmingham are both very entertaining and have a great rapport with their dedicated audience that it is a delight to listen to even if I have no interest in Birmingham lifestyles and events.


I want to know from you, what are your opinions on tv personality-led radio presenters?

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