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August 23, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

For decades it has always been the case that we have spoken about those golden Saturday night shows. Whether you watched Blind Date, The Generation Game or now the X Factor; Saturday night TV has become the big talking point. Bringing in 10-20million viewers you can see why it has become the water-cooler talking point on a Monday morning. In contrast, for radio the big shows that we think about in the week are the daily breakfast shows that we wake up to. It might be a video that has gone viral, a parody that has been created or an interview with your favourite celebrity. However, once the weekend hits it can be argued that radio broadcasts go slightly downhill unless you are interested in your local football commentary which even that is disappearing as seen with Free Radio opting out of their local teams in the West Midlands.


However, for me there is nothing better then Saturday night radio. Airing from 22:00-01:00 there are three shows that stand out for me. The joy of this transmission hour is the fact that the audience is more niche, they have chosen specifically to listen that show, they are likely to be listening alone, they trust the presenter and the topics are not directly always linked to the news agenda of that day. I struggle to stick to the one station on a Saturday night as I get what us young ones call FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) from the other two shows that I have tuned out of.


Nothing But The Noughties, BBC Manchester


Two months ago after her operations, Stephanie returned to the radio to host a show dedicated to nineties nostalgia on BBC Manchester. At first I was not sure about the show. How does this fit in with the BBC Local radio’s remit and how is it targetting the Manchester TSA. However, I have grown to love the show and who wouldn’t with Stephanie anchoring it. You can tell Stephanie loves the songs she plays, I trust that she has built the playlist rather then have a music team tell us what we ‘want’ to hear. I love that Stephanie gets enthusiastic about the songs and will shout “key change” just as I would when I listen to songs on my ipod and I love her knowledge of the songs that she is playing, the context and how it fitted into the classsic nineties repetoire of music. The audience love the show. This is reflected with how open they are to sharing annecdotes of their lives to Stephanie as if they want to be her friend and tell her about their lives. For example, last night the topic of conversation was what did you used to get up to with your mates in the 90’s. The texters ranged from going clubbing to just little funny private jokes that had happened. It did not matter what the story was, it just helped to build on the fact of what a great show it is.


Nick Abbot, LBC


I have been listening to Nick for around three-four months now and love his presenting style. LBC during the week follows the latest news stories with as many calls from listeners as possible and their shows tend to be quite busy, I know from working there. I have such admiration for the producers to make content that gets people fired up and it is refelcted in their amazing RAJAR’s this year along with the debates held. However, I am digressing and want to discuss Nick. Nick is so laid back and the way he treats his callers is superb. I love his sarcasm, his direct honesty, I love that he has a cart wall of SFX, I love his long moans about Taylor Swift and how much he hates her and he is inviting. At times, I can be properly laughing out loud at some of the lines Nick gives. However, I can feel intimidated about the hard news stories but he eases you in gently with a seven minute segway before callers to bring the news story to home and personalise it. I wish we had more Nick on the radio as two shows a week plus a one hour podcast is just not enough!


Stephen Nolan, BBC Five Live


Stephen is one of the best broadcasters in the United Kingdom. For around six years I have been listening to his weekend output and admire his interviews particularly. He gives his guests the time to talk and his journalistic background really helps his line of questioning to push those barriers. For example, this weekend, he spoke to an eleven year old transgender. It was fascinating radio that I had lots of questions on:

  1. Was his mother irresponsible?
  2. Should he have been allowed the sex change so early on?
  3. Does he know the long term effects of the sex change?
  4. Should BBC Five Live be highlighting how young someone could be?


To my amazement, every single question was answered and more. Moreover, Stephen is great at chairing debates. For example, in the news this week there was a story on the fact that it is sexual abuse when a parent kisses their child on the lips. As a good argument does it had a for and an against and he was brilliant at chairing this, with light humour and getting the best out of his callers which often led to them coming on the phone laughing at the ridiculous of the situation.


These are my top shows for a Saturday night. Do you agree with my choices? Are there other shows you listen to?

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