#MoylesIsBack on Radio X


September 21, 2015 by johnnyseifertradio

At 06:30am this morning, this happened:


Before you get a fright, no Chris Moyles did not just start his brand new Breakfast show with a thirty-five second link as we are trained to do. In typical Chris Moyles fashion, he started the show with a thirty one minute link from 06:31-07:02. He set up the station, the debate about the ‘disappearance of women’ at Radio X before playing his first song:



Welcome Back Chris Moyles to the radio



The show started with Sandy Beech from Music 4 who created all the ident packages for his Radio 1 show with the opening pips and start of the ‘cheesy song’. This got me very excited before goinginto a rock bed. The new rock bed is horrible! It is loud, in your face and has nothing on the Epic Jingle but this is a new station and a new show and it has to be treated like one. There was familiarity with Paul Turner the voiceover guy, Dom Byrns, the news guy and producer Pippa. Similarly, for XFM listeners, Dave from the Breakfast show, no not Comedy Dave is also part of the team. Dave acts as the Global radio figure to help the team get used to playout system Genesys which was needed at 07:01 when Chris did not know how to fire the adverts (which are not split anymore). Chris is a radio geek.This is one of the things I love about him! If you remember when BBC Radio 1 had their slogan ‘Listen, Watch, Share’, Chris turned this into ‘Listen, Watch, Cher’ before playing a classic Cher song. So what did Chris do this morning when he heard the idents for Global’s news and weather?



Adverts and Music


If you ask any Capital FM or Heart FM listener to disect the show they are currently listening to, they would tell you its all adverts with three repetitive songs. Obviously, in radio we know this not to be strictly 100% true, maybe 97% true but we know how playlists are built. So far at 08:00 we have had two ad breaks every fourty minutes on average. Everyone is listening to Chris Moyles for the personality and doubtfully for the music which they can get the rest of the day, so I think we need to say a big thank you to Global for understanding what the audience wants! Meanwhile, we have had four songs so far on average once every thirty minutes.


The Community


Personally, another reason I love the legacy of Chris Moyles is that he has formed online communities with listeners sharing their passion. For example. the Chris Moyles Appreciation Society (CMSAS) have over the years shared clips of Moyles on his Radio 1 show and today everyone has woken up together sharing their memories and what they already love about the show. Meanwhile, a group of ex-Student Radio Association (SRA) members have now got an Imessage group on the Iphone which has turned very geeky as we have discussed running order times and streaming issues which were faced at 07:32 as Chris Moyles did a Kim Kadashian and broke the internet…



… which led to Oliver Needham creating a bingo card to play along with whilst listening to the show:





Today was all about setting up the show and the new station. Tomorrow I hope we start to see more of a format with certain hits that have to be listened to. Producer Pippa had done a brilliant job at R1Breakfast and on Greg James drivetime show at having unmissable features so it would be a shame for it to be missed out on. In his Radio 1 days the week went like this:


07:20- Celebrity Raspeberry/Birthday Corner/Who Knows Dom/Where Am I
07:40-Rob DJ Monday Night Pub QUiz/ Toby Lerone
08:05- Mcflyday
09:00-The Golden Hour
09:40-Carpark Catchphrase


What are your opinions so far of the brand new Radio X Breakfast show with Chris Moyles?

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  1. […] week ago I discussed the return of Chris Moyles to the airway as he launched Global Radio’s latest station Radio X […]


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