I HAVE A JOB at Talk Radio!

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February 24, 2016 by johnnyseifertradio

A Degree in radio, three radio award nominations including the honoury Kevin Greening Creativity Award at the SRA’s, three years as Breakfast presenter and mid-morning producer on Scratch Radio, community radio in Birmingham, eight internships, eighty cups of tea made, a short stint as assistant producer at LBC and a year as an entertainment Broadcast Journalist at AudioBoom has led me to where I am today.

It was a Monday morning, Monday the 8th February 2016 to be precise and I was walking through Clapham on the way to interview Miriam Margoyles for AudioBoom when RadioToday released the press release for the returning Talk Radio:



I was so excited when I saw the line up to see Iain Lee. I first came across Iain in 2012 when I undertook work experience at BBC Three Counties Radio.  I had seen him on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side  but I had never listened to him. I was intrigued by his wit and lightness that he bought to air whilst also tackling hard hitting stories.  Post work experience everyday I would wake up at 06:00 and hear his first thirty minute link with his team including Katherine Boyle and Kellie Betts before Chris Moyles came on air as well as listening to the weekly podcast.


Iain is one of my favourite presenters. When I found out he was hosting a late night show I knew I wanted to listen to this station. This late night show style radio Iain has said for ages he wanted to do. Already I can feel the passion and care Iain will have for the show. When Iain presented the BBC WM Down the Rabbit Hole Saturday mid-morning show I felt that this was where he was most comfortable and cared for the output. I hope at TalkRadio he will replicate this ethos:

Photo 08-10-2015, 22 17 12


So how did reading an article lead to a job? As you will know, if you do not ask you do not get. Furthermore, as you have been told many times, knock on every door. To achieve this, I called up the TalkSport and got friendly with the receptionist who has access to all the information and can drip feed it to nobodies like me. She said indeed they were hiring and passed me an email address for the head of production. Two days later I was at TalkSport in Waterloo on the bottom floor in a boardroom surrounded by building work as the new TalkRadio and Virgin Radio studios were being built:


I walked into the boardroom and met Lauren Webster, Dennie Morris and Laurie Palacio. I was nervous as I was not expecting a panel set up however I was put at ease straight away. I was sat in front of three passionate radio professionals who knew the industry inside out. They knew every radio producer in the country on every radio station. They were inspirational people I wanted to learn from straight away. However, more importantly they were actually interested in my thoughts on podcasts such as Serial and what I honestly thought of some radio stations. I could not believe we were debating radio issues and they were agreeing with what I was speaking about. The first question I was asked was about my radio experience. I started with an anecdote about how I have wanted to be in radio since I was seven years old playing around with my Grandma’s tape recorder.This led to journeying my radio experiences going through hospital-student-local-regional and national radio experiences as a presenter and as an intern. I went through what I had learnt and why I had diversified in different types of radio output from both music and speech based.

Radio Collage

I was then asked about a standout project I have worked on and I spoke about my Holocaust documentary. I spoke about both the pros including three radio nominations as well as the negatives including loosing my audio from Auschwitz. This led to what I learnt and what I would do next time showing my objectiveness in evaluating my work to help progress my career.

Holocaust and me

In preparation for my interview I created a radio hour that I would use as a producer on the Breakfast show. I split up my hour into four segments: Two phone ins, entertainment news and a game called ‘SouthBank Selfies’. I had printed extra handouts so that I could talk about the features as well as having the panel know what I am talking about. At this point I want to say I love LBC. I love James O’Briens Mystery Hour. I love Steve Allen’s A Little Bit Extra podcast. However, I find at times it is too political and I can not fully engage in the conversations. Therefore, with TalkRadio I wanted it to be lighter in conversation and so my first topic I chose was about Sugar Daddies as seen below:




They loved it! On the spot they offered me a job. I am now an assistant producer for Paul Ross five days a week at TalkRadio for The Wireless Group. This is the dream come true. I am so excited to be part of the launch of the station. More importantly, it has helped my confidence after lots of rejections that I can actually work in the radio industry and make that dream that I had since I was seven years old a reality.  The only way is up!


TalkRadio launches on March 21st 2016 at 06:00 with the Paul Ross Breakfast Show

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