Stripping Back An Album On The Radio


October 27, 2016 by johnnyseifertradio

One album. Twelve tracks. One single release.


This is what happens with the majority of songs that we listen to on the radio on a weekly basis. Just this week this is what happened with Lady Gaga as she released Perfect Illusion from her fifth album, Joanne. However, what has not been done (to my knowledge at the time of writing) is a radio station stripping back an album since Zane Lowe used to on his BBC Radio 1 show with his Masterpieces hour. That is until Rezzy Ghadjar on Heat Radio did this:


For an hour Rezzy played back to back tracks in order with an anecdote about each single. The hour was layered with clips of fellow HeatRADIO presenters talking about the tracks and audio from Lady Gaga herself. I loved the fact that album had time to breathe. When I listen to mainstream radio stations the songs are rushed in this order:

Formula- song/ident/song/ident/segway/song/adverts/travel

The A list rotation of songs become familiar sounds where one does not listen to the lyrics. However, this gave me a chance to sit and intensely listen to the messages that Gaga was saying. It was just the other day that I was in a car with a friend when she put on James Arthur and told me politely to be quiet so she could appreciate the lyrics:

I remember again being with another friend when Eminem released Headlights and told me the story about how the term headlight refers to the fact that Eminem was left at home and the last time he saw his mum he saw her in her car driving away with the bright lights:

The magazine style of the Paul Ross Full Set Breakfast on talkRADIO means we have the benefit of covering a range of topics on the show from heavy politics to an interview with the latest X Factor evictee. However, it also means as we can have music artists in as well to promote their new album. The benefit of being a speech station means that Paul can let the artist speak around the songs as he plays out thirty seconds of three songs in a fifteen minute segment and hear their personal anecdotes. This makes it so much more pleasurable to enjoy the album afterwards as we know the meaning behind the songs.

My question really is in 2017 is there a gap in the radio schedules to bring this back once a week. The chance for an hour to delve into an album?

Just imagine the station interactions over the course of an hour as potentially Capital FM at 8pm one night played out the Little Mix’s ‘Get Weird’ album with their millions of followers interacting and sharing their appreciation for their music or Magic FM playing out in full Michael Buble’s  ‘Nobody But Me’ album on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm.



<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”><a href=””>@johnnyseifert</a&gt; I really enjoy R1 Masterpieces when they did those specials. Nice build up then the album. The Gaga playback, worked V well</p>&mdash; John Isherwood (@johnisherwood) <a href=”″>October 27, 2016</a></blockquote> //

2 thoughts on “Stripping Back An Album On The Radio

  1. Captain Anonymous says:

    When Zane did this years ago on Radio 1, he was playing classic albums from legendary artists that regardless of who you listened to as a music fan, you knew about them. He was playing artists that would have inspired today’s A List stars, and the albuns he played had been circulated for so long, that practically every song was a hit.

    The other poont is that albums are mainly made differently now to perhaps the 60’s and 70’s. Back then, there would have been a wealth of hits from a single album. Today, there’s only 2 or 3 max with the rest of the album being made for the fans.

    Playing albums all the way through from artists that will most likely be forgotten in a few years time is almost wasted air times in today’s commercial radio.


    • johnnyseifertradio says:

      Don’t forget Calvin Harris released eight top 10 singles from his album 18 Months. Of course it would need to be a name. But then for the majority of the time, most people will not download a whole album unless they already trust the artist with their previous repetoire of songs.


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