I have Magically Chilled Out

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April 19, 2017 by johnnyseifertradio

FurtherSince upgrading my car I have been playing around with my DAB stereo and came across the Magic spin off stations on the long drive home late at night. Last year when the D2 multiplex launched; Bauer Media owned Magic created a portfolio of stations including Magic Soul, Mellow Magic and Magic Chilled. Recently, Magic have changed their music policy to play 80s and 90s songs. However, on this occasion, I fancied some relaxing more current music on that drive and tuned into Magic Chilled. For the past couple of days I have been listening and it is vastly becoming my favourite radio station.

Until Kat Shoob took over earlier this year on Heart FM’s 10pm-1am show, the show previously hosted by Zoe Hardman and Jenny Francis; had a wind down hour with Capital Fm artists such as Justin Bieber and Nathan Sykes’ ballad songs being played amongst the older classics from Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston. However, since Heart changed their playlists for that show, there isn’t a radio station on air that is playing current relaxing music from the last fifteen years…that is until Magic Chilled came along.

Last night, songs including The Pussy Cat Dolls- Ill Stick With You, Kelis-Lil Star, Mika- Grace Kelly were played. As was Florence and The Machine’s cover of Stand By Me and an acoustic Louisa Johnson singing Sounds Good. This put me in a very happy mood with nostalgia at the forefront of my mind and relaxing at the back. The station is diverse with their music and adding the acoustic sessions makes it sound different from all other stations. Furthermore, as far as I can tell there are no A, B and C playlists which enhances the rotation and surprise selection when listening for long periods of time when relaxing. There are idents used to flag when its a new song by a new artist, sounded like it was produced by Wise Buddah. For example, the new song by Drake. This will bring in younger audiences who would not expect to find Drake on Magic and have stumbled across it. This is a core Kiss Fm artist which means they can enhance the varied music libraries at 1 Golden Square.


However, I think some improvements can be made:

  • Having a full line up of presenters from 8am-00.00. Presenters can add those anecdotes to the songs to give more background as to why the song was released or where the acoustic version came from. Even voicetracking shows would work. It also means that as a relatively new station, it can continue keep selling who they are and what they are about. However, a way around it is to follow sister Absolute’s format of Project Banana and at night have a presenter relax you but playing the different songs across the main station as well at the chill, soul and mellow stations.




  • Have guests that have a ‘chilled’ persona. For example, from the world of health and happiness. This would be a great platform to showcase speakers who would appear on TED Talks or are authors under imaginative, thought-provoking and inspirational. These guests could appear on Breakfast on what would normally be the showbiz slot between 08:15-08:30.Celebrities such as Katie Piper, Melanie Sykes and Davina Mccall should appear as guests who can enhance wellbeing as in conversation hours where listeners can ask questions, similar to the BBC Radio 1 Surgery. Already John Legend has been on, keep that high level of guests that Bauer can attract but put a chilled spin on it.


  • Increase social media awareness by using GIFs and images related to relaxing and quotes with Magic Chilled branding, again to get people talking about the new station. Imagine sitting on a beanbag in front of a fire reading your timeline and the type of thoughts that would get you smiling.




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