“Johnny is a sharp, fast worker with one finger permanently on the pulse of celebrity culture. Particularly strong on television and music, he has a natural ability to know which stories are going to hit hardest for an online audience. He’s also able to predict where the next one is going to come from. A pleasure to work with, his professionalism is matched only by his sense of humour.” David Marsland, AudioBoom News Editor
“In a category (Best Journalistic Programming, Student Radio Awards 2014) so totally packed with remarkable content and talent, Johnny’s entry did something very difficult to achieve: it really stood out. He perfectly balanced the ‘personal’ and the ‘professional’ in a documentary which, for student radio, is astonishingly mature in both its concept and storytelling. Johnny researched and delivered a programme with incredible access to key contributors. But crucially the storytelling mechanism and narrative was so clear that the heartbreaking purpose of the piece was able to have the impact that it rightly should. An incredible piece of student radio.”    Tim Johns , BBC Radio 2 


‘Johnny is very knowledgable about what makes good radio as he lives and breathes it. I’d describe Johnny as a walking celebrity gossip column. He demonstrates a keen eye for all things showbiz and builds this into his broadcasting very well. Johnny has a unique talent to make witty entertainment packages one minute then something quite moving the next. His excellent documentary ‘Auschwitz and Me’ is proof of this. Johnny can make great radio no matter the subject’ Andy Martindale, Free Radio


Johnny joined the Podium.Me production team in October 2014 and has represented Podium.Me at the Roundhouse as part of the Grassroots network. Johnny appeared on the LBC Shelagh Fogarty show when Podium.Me was invited to comment on the last PMQ’s before the election.He has been a key member of the team, pitching ideas and working on podcasts covering  alcoholism, male grooming, revision techniques and depression.Johnny is always up to date with audio and radio developments and uses social media in creative ways to connect with others.He is always a pleasure to work with, a good communicator, persistent and focussed on the task he is working on. Camilla Byk, Podium.Me 




Johnny is a passionate media professional. His previous documentary work showcases not only a desire to make interesting documentary pieces but to do it with his own, unique flair. Tom Campbell, Heart FM North East 


Johnny has done this by attending these radio conferences to build his knowledge and help question his approaches to radio material


22nd July 2016- S and P Training run by The Wireless Group


10th May 2016-  Intellectual Property/ Libel seminar run by The Wireless Group


26th March 2016- OFCOM training session run by The Wireless Group


16th March 2016- RethinkMedia 2016


11th february 2016- SRA London Training Day


27th January 2016- RIG Pitching Masterclass with Whistledown Productions/ BBC Radio 4


7th November 2015- The RAIN Festival


7th October 2015- The Student Radio Training Day (London)


29th September 2015- The Radio Festival


18th March 2015- Rethink Media 2015


25th February 2015- The Student Radio Training Day (London)


21st November 2014- The Podium.Me Training Day


17th October 2014- The Student Radio Training Day (London)


25th March 2014- Rethink Media 2014


13th October 2013- Student Radio Training Day (Birmingham)

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